Lucky 13

According to NRA, 13 anti-gun amendments have been filed in attempt to scuttle a bill to strengthen Pennsylvania’s pre-emption law. The House may take it up today.

It will be interesting to see how many get any votes outside of the standard liberal strongholds.

UPDATE: They adjourned until Monday.

3 thoughts on “Lucky 13”

  1. I called my rep – Mike Bradford – I thanked him for the yes on HB40, and then explained I was disappointed for the no on HB 1523 in the judiciary committee – and I will be tracking what he does with this bill on the floor very closely.

    – Yes, I want to see the amendments as well!

  2. I have a strong hunch this bill was never intended to go anywhere. I think it could be election year window dressing by the usual suspects.

    I hope I’m wrong on the first point, and, no one would ever be able to prove the second point.

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