Bloomberg’s Super Bowl Commercial

One of the things I’ve been wondering ever since the news broke about Bloomberg’s big spend on a gun control ad during the Super Bowl is where exactly the ad would air. I saw many reporters simply repeating the line that it would be regional. Since Bloomberg has spent so much money on Pennsylvania, I wondered if this area would be a target. One reporter made a mention of asking about the regions, but did not publish and answer.

Yesterday, the NYT finally answered the question. Bloomberg only funded his gun control ad to run in DC. Yup, that’s right. He won’t take the fight to the states, only to other politicians. I think it represents an important trend with the Mayor to consistently try to overrule the voters by keeping up his relationships with and only target other elites. He doesn’t want to be bothered by us little people who might dare disagree with him and his nanny-state tendencies.

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Super Bowl Commercial”

  1. I posted a comment at Youtube before comments were shut down. Comments can’t be viewed now either.
    I guess having 30,000 outraged people call them liars defeats the purpose of their propaganda. One way communication is characteristic of totalitarianism and Mayor Bloomberg.

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