Winning, Part 254

Susan Komen Foundation teaming up a gun promotional:

Discount Gun Sales is proud to team up with the Susan B. Koman Foundation to offer the Walther P-22 Hope Edition in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

CSGV and their mouth foaming followers are already throwing a hissy fit about it, though apparently they can’t tell the difference between a .22LR Caliber Walther and a Glock. Must suck to be irrelevant.

16 thoughts on “Winning, Part 254”

    1. …and every Glock is “invisible” to x-rays, and every AK-type is a death-spraying machine gun, and every gun is loaded with “cop-killer” bullets, also capable of taking down a passing aircraft, and, and, and…and YOU’RE BAD! I’M TELLING!
      Sometimes ignorance is predictable with the first sentence uttered or written, and this is so often the case with the anti-freedom coalitions.

  1. It seems to be more planned parenthood nuts complaining about SGK ditching planned parenthood.

  2. CSGV is trying to piggyback on what they expect to be a boycott of Komen by the Planned Parenthood crowd. Although I personally despise PP, I will tell them this: if you tether yourselves to as unpopular a cause as gun control, you will be committing political suicide.

  3. Hm… I’m conflicted here. Like their support of gun rights don’t like their pulling funds from PP since PP has one of the most used and most affordable breast/ovarian cancer screening services available. And politics and political issues aside. Cancer is what they SHOULD be focusing on.

  4. The banned me for saying I was disappointed by the deal, I would rather have one in 9mm.

    I guess the truth hurts for them.

    1. Reasoned Discorse is SOP for CSGV. They don’t want to have a discussion… and in the same thought wonder why we’re pounding them into the dirt politically.

    1. And I notice he’s still calling a .22 target pistol with a 10 round magazine “disgusting.”

      Remember, they don’t want to ban handguns. They just want reasonable, common sense gun laws.

      What a bunch of transparent liars these people are. You just have to wonder if they lie to themselves.

  5. I’m a regular at DGS, they have done these before. I believe they Duracoat the slide in house. I held one, it looked good

  6. I’m unclear on how Planning for Parenthood has anything to do with cancer? I mean, how did pre-natal healthcare get involved with the Federal Cancer Funding gravy-train? It just seems like huge mission-creep, and maybe they should change their name to Mamogramms-R-Us or something to reflect the divergent activity?

    1. Actually, my understanding is that PP was not, in fact, performing mammograms, making them breast cancer screenings in-name-only.

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