Winning, Part 254

Susan Komen Foundation teaming up a gun promotional:

Discount Gun Sales is proud to team up with the Susan B. Koman Foundation to offer the Walther P-22 Hope Edition in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

CSGV and their mouth foaming followers are already throwing a hissy fit about it, though apparently they can’t tell the difference between a .22LR Caliber Walther and a Glock. Must suck to be irrelevant.

16 Responses to “Winning, Part 254”

  1. Miguel says:

    every handgun is a Glock and every rifle is an AK-47. You should know that by now.


    • persiflage says:

      …and every Glock is “invisible” to x-rays, and every AK-type is a death-spraying machine gun, and every gun is loaded with “cop-killer” bullets, also capable of taking down a passing aircraft, and, and, and…and YOU’RE BAD! I’M TELLING!
      Sometimes ignorance is predictable with the first sentence uttered or written, and this is so often the case with the anti-freedom coalitions.

  2. David says:

    It seems to be more planned parenthood nuts complaining about SGK ditching planned parenthood.

  3. Ken says:

    CSGV is trying to piggyback on what they expect to be a boycott of Komen by the Planned Parenthood crowd. Although I personally despise PP, I will tell them this: if you tether yourselves to as unpopular a cause as gun control, you will be committing political suicide.

  4. Maria says:

    Hm… I’m conflicted here. Like their support of gun rights don’t like their pulling funds from PP since PP has one of the most used and most affordable breast/ovarian cancer screening services available. And politics and political issues aside. Cancer is what they SHOULD be focusing on.

  5. David says:

    The banned me for saying I was disappointed by the deal, I would rather have one in 9mm.

    I guess the truth hurts for them.

    • Sebastian says:

      Reasoned Discorse is SOP for CSGV. They don’t want to have a discussion… and in the same thought wonder why we’re pounding them into the dirt politically.

  6. LC Scotty says:

    Looks like Laddy’s been reading your blog-he just updated the manufacturer info…

    • Sebastian says:

      And I notice he’s still calling a .22 target pistol with a 10 round magazine “disgusting.”

      Remember, they don’t want to ban handguns. They just want reasonable, common sense gun laws.

      What a bunch of transparent liars these people are. You just have to wonder if they lie to themselves.

  7. Will says:

    I’m a regular at DGS, they have done these before. I believe they Duracoat the slide in house. I held one, it looked good

  8. DirtCrashr says:

    I’m unclear on how Planning for Parenthood has anything to do with cancer? I mean, how did pre-natal healthcare get involved with the Federal Cancer Funding gravy-train? It just seems like huge mission-creep, and maybe they should change their name to Mamogramms-R-Us or something to reflect the divergent activity?

    • BornLib says:

      Actually, my understanding is that PP was not, in fact, performing mammograms, making them breast cancer screenings in-name-only.

  9. DirtCrashr says:

    Maybe it’s those pesky cancerous babies that need removing?

  10. Henry Bowman says:

    Now, REALLY piss them off — throw in a coupon for Starbucks.