Anti-Gun Movement Leaders Turn Against Breast Cancer Fundraising

I’m going to join Weer’d and Thirdpower in calling out the anti-gun folks for denouncing more money for breast cancer research because a dealer is agreed to donate a portion of his sales to the Komen Foundation. It’s hard for me to imagine any product I’m so disgusted by, that I’d lambast a disease research and awareness foundation for using it to raise money. If it’s a product people want, it’s legal, and they can use that to raise funds, I don’t think most ordinary people would complain.

I’m literally aghast by how awful the leaders of the gun control movement really are, to the point I don’t really understand how they can look in the mirror each morning. They’ve become so blinded by rage against guns and gun owners, they’re completely detached from the reality that most normal people understand.

There’s nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about the firearm that is being sold to raise funds for the Komen Foundation. It is an ordinary .22 caliber target pistol. It takes a ten round magazine. It is a gun that is legal in all 50 states. It meant for sport, something the gun control movement claims to be fine with. So what’s the beef here? I think I’m pretty sure I know who the extremists are here, and it’s not Second Amendment advocates.

11 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Movement Leaders Turn Against Breast Cancer Fundraising”

  1. Left a comment for them explaining that not all weapons are glocks…looks like it was deleted and I was blocked..I was actually pretty nice about it..So much for constructive criticism.

    1. Same here, but I wasn’t quite as nice. I left a comment pointing out that it was a Walther, not a Glock, and it was like calling a Ford a Chevy.

  2. They are doing this so they can ride on the coat-tails of the movement against Komen for their defunding of Planned Parenthood. That move (which I find boggling) will generate a crap-ton more hate for Komen than our irrelevant anti-gun groups will. This way they can try to claim that some of it is due to their issue.

  3. Yeah, I’ve got to side against the dealer. Komen foundation is not about cancer research, and hasn’t been for some time. It’s become a cult with followers donating money to the executives and their pet projects.

  4. I was one that wrote a letter to Komen telling them I would not support them until they changed their own donation management. I was appalled that they were taking money I was donating and redirecting it to IMHO questionable causes. I wanted to “Save the Boobies” “Protect the TaTa’s” and other cute motto’s meant to bring breast cancer awareness to every woman.
    I am all for poor woman getting breast exams and screenings, but Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be that avenue.

  5. I am pro-choice. If I send money to Komen, they should use it for the mission I support and I was told they would use it for, not give it to someone else to pursue an unrelated cause. And if someone wants to give to PP in memory of Margaret Sanger, they should have that choice.

    If this causes irritation to pro-choice, “liberal, inclusive and freedom loving” people, they can piss off and send their money to PP and not Komen. Make your choice, boobies.

  6. PS: The amount of money Komen will not provide is meaningless in the scheme of a $1B PP budget. What has them scared is an ideological split, that abortion isn’t the ne plus ulta issue in womens’ health, and hence PP’s claim to fame and power.

  7. My wife USED to donate to Komen until she found out how they were using her donations.

    Also they would BOMBARD us with letters for more money. Got that crap at least once every week or two. Finally had to call them and tell them to quit.

  8. Komen is not a breast cancer awareness organization. They actively work to confuse women.

    What is the most important things an average woman (without genetic predisposition) can do to lower her breast cancer risk?
    1 – don’t get pregnant until the end of puberty
    2 – breast feed as soon as puberty is done. Cells the secrete milk are terminally differentiated, and can’t become cancer. Breast feeding generally requires carrying a baby to term.
    3 – keeping endogenous estrogen low. Which means staying thin, because adipose cells crank out the estrogen.

    All 3 of these go against liberal ideology, so Komen actively works to confuse women.

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