Guns, Cars and Tech notes an article in Elle magazine about getting a gun. Elle? Really? Much more of this and we’re going to be seeing reports from DC of the police having to talk Dennis Hennigan down from a ledge.

4 Responses to “Winning!”

  1. David says:

    If Dennis jumps, I’ll light a candle in his honor and in the memory of all those victims of mental illness.

  2. Please, oh PLEASE let me be there when Denny Henny climbs out on that ledge. I’ll be the one screaming “Jump!”

    But you know, more guns in fewer hands, right? If you don’t like that “Study,” I’ve got another one I can pull out of my backside.

  3. Zermoid says:

    “My first thought is, I can’t believe how loud that was. I’m wearing earplugs, but you don’t just hear the firecracker noise in your ears; you feel it with your whole body.”

    Wait till she works her way up to a 50 BMG! WOOO-HOOO!

  4. mikee says:

    I have a horrible anticipation, thinking about how ELLE might treat firearm ownership as an issue of fashion. What would their Spring “BBQ Gun” issue look like?


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