Another Beating Victim in Philadelphia

This time a 64 year old man a gang just decided to beat for sport. Remember, this is the same city that decided to prosecute Gerald Ung for putting six bullets into the alpha male of an attacking gang. City officials are harder on defenders than on attacking criminals. This is getting so bad, it’s irresponsible of city officials for not encouraging people to get permits and arm themselves. Hell, if I were Nutter, I’d tell the Philadelphia police to set up a firearms training course to help citizens into LTCs. But I’ll eat my hat if I ever see that day.

28 thoughts on “Another Beating Victim in Philadelphia”

  1. These are the kinds of criminals that worry me the most. They thought it would be fun to beat another person, like they were kicking a can down the street. These are not normal people who suddenly decide to do something different, these people are fundamentally different from us in how they think of others.

    Just how do you even fix that?

    1. You stop rewarding them for reproducing and you get kids out of homes that are headed by anti-social miscreants. This type of behavior is learned and glorified at home.

    2. Incarceration, but absent that, if they try to beat someone to death, I’d say jacketed HP 9mm traveling at about 1200fps would do the trick.

    3. That’s the funny thing about “reform”. I’m against prisons, because I do not see how locking someone up away from society for a period of time, so that they can associate with other miscreants, is going to help them become better members of society…and to top it all off, we can (and even have) created all sorts of reform programs, that have varying degrees of success*. It’s my understanding that the best of these programs either help their victims directly, or just help other people with fix their messed up lives, and so these people have an opportunity to see the harm they do to others, and the good they can do to those who hurt.

      But the funny thing is, people have free will. We can provide all the programs we want, but it’s up to the individual to decide to change his life around. I think sometimes social programs forget that.

      As for what I would do without prisons: require all criminals to restore fourfold the loss to the victims. If it’s a violent crime, I’d likely favor corporal punishment; if it goes so far as attempted murder, rape, or murder, then that person ought to be declared an outlaw (the Icelandic version, where it’s legal for anyone to kill that person), and some sort of “avenger of death” relative or friend ought to have a special responsibility to hunt down and kill that person, or at least keep an eye on that person, if there’s good reason to believe that he’ll turn from his evil ways.

      And yes, my “ideal” is a mix of Icelandic and Mosaic laws. While the Mosaic law in some ways seems brutal and archaic, it also contains some pretty fundamental principles of justice and mercy that our “justice” system clearly lacks…and as we get further away from certain Common Law principles, it’s gradually been getting worse!

      In any case, I don’t see how a prison system is compatible with the goals of a free society.

      *Although I happen to know one person in prison, who, due to the nature of his crimes, is forbidden from participating in some of these programs, even though due to other factors, he’s also likely to be let out of prison in a year or so…the logic of these people astounds me!

      1. The big problem here is that I no longer trust our court system with the power of capital punishment. Cory Maye, still a convicted felon with all that baggage, is the classic horror story for us RKBA types.

  2. You know, the same thing was going on in the 60’s. Except it was young white men attacking/lynching blacks. Why is there no outrages when these roving gangs of black teens are out beating, robbing and killing whites?

    Arm up, arm up now. PPD, under Ramsey, is useless to stop this nonsense. PPD is full of under performing lazy cops who treat victims like crap.

    1. I wouldn’t suggest there hasn’t been outrage… just not among city officials or the media… because it would imply that the elite are unable to keep law and order in the city.

  3. I think you are brilliant. Only because I have been saying that for years. Nutter needs to train the law abiding folks. I have posted this exact brilliant answer in the Daily Times here in Delco in regards to Chester. Money should be spent on helping the people take back their city. A mobile target shooting trailer? Classes taught by mix of NRA certified and retired Philly LEOs.
    And selling, at a deep discount, all the guns they have been melting down and discarding. (Have a gun turn in to help other who can’t afford them)

  4. And selling, at a deep discount, all the guns they have been melting down and discarding. (Have a gun turn in to help other who can’t afford them)

    If they had that kind of turn in, I’d donate a piece.

  5. Criminals aren’t supposed to be shot, they’re supposed to succeed. Most Americans do not comprehend the full depth of the perversity of the leftist mind. Most refuse to imagine that anyone would have such horrible beliefs.

  6. We’re often accused of spreading wildly exaggerated racist hysteria, similar to what was going on in the mid-19th century south, in an effort to demonize and supress blacks.

    But my life experience, having grown up in an almost entirely black neighborhood, says otherwise. I have been robbed at gunpoint several times, beaten by groups of six or more at least a half dozen times, been the victim of countless burglaries of both my home and car, etc. Every single time by blacks (except maybe the burglaries… I would have no idea who did those).

    Now I don’t suggest that whites are somehow superior by some gift of nature, as many do. But I do believe that the ghetto black culture (a culture adopted by many whites, asians, etc as well) is a very serious threat to the safety of the civilized population. And I don’t necessarily think it’s such a terrible thing to point out this self-evident truth.

    I have always treated people as individuals and will always have honest friendship with anybody who will have me as their friend. But when I see a group of black (usually black, but not always) teenagers approaching me, behaving in a menacing, imposing manner, dressed in the uniform of the ghetto thug, I’m getting ready to open fire if they get anywhere close to me. And nobody should feel the need to apologize for thinking the same thing.

    Again, the problem is this ghetto mentality, which is not necessarily exclusive to any particular race. And it is not our fault that these people are on the margin. They marginalize themselves.

    1. I would completely agree with that assessment. Indeed, when gang thugs aren’t fighting each other, how often do they go after clean, upstanding people, regardless of what their race is? All too often.

      I remember hearing about a couple of white supremacists who, right after murdering a black person for fun, murdered a white person so they could have a joy ride in his car. The example stuck in my head, because it illustrated two things: those people who don’t value the lives of those of the “inferior race” (whatever race that might be) don’t value the lives of those of the “superior race” either; and that the notion that the first crime should be a “hate crime”, while the latter shouldn’t be, only mocks justice, because assault, battery, rape, robbery, and murder aren’t done because you love the victim.

      The reality is that people who engage in such behavior have absorbed violence as a “normal” behavior, and because of that, have distanced themselves from civilized society.

  7. Once they are arrested and known, it will be milliseconds later that the recollections of them as cute little boys in Sunday School are hyped in the media. Maybe a mother or two will go prostrate on the courthouse steps crying for her son as she remembers how he sang “Happy Birthday” to her while she was in the hospital when he was only 4 years old. Dr. Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski was a good student. But that is beside the point.

    If we want a civil society, then these young men will spend the majority of their lives behind bars.

    1. It’s astounding, isn’t it? Just the other day, I was looking at my children, and thinking “Every person–whether great or small, whether noble or nefarious, starts out as happy little kids, don’t they?” It’s a tragedy that some of those kids will grow up to do awful things.

      Of course, the recollections that will be hyped might not go as far as when the child was 4 years old. Even thugs will sing “Happy Birthday” to their mother in the hospital, or help their younger siblings with homework (sometimes to take a break from teaching “the Way of the Street” :-( ), or do other nice things.

  8. And yet if the guy had been able to defend himself with a firearm, there would be a big uproar about “shooting unarmed kids”.

    1. The ‘unarmed’ crap is what always gets me. This isn’t television, in real life if you get punched or kicked in the face you can die. Particularly if there are multiple people doing it.

      The public needs to realize that we’re not Superman and that guns are not our kryptonite, we can get killed in much less flashy and dramatic ways than being gunned down.

      1. In my mind, multiple attackers = attempted murder, not ag assault. And multiple attackers should always be treated the same as an armed attack.

        1. Yup, but my problem is that a jury, or even prosecutors, might not think that because they’ve seen too much Hollywood garbage. That absolutely should be attempted murder, but if all they’ve been exposed to is TV and movies where the character gets a few bruises or is harmlessly ‘knocked out’*, they might think you’ve gone too far.

          *For those who don’t know, you can’t be safely knocked out. If you black out for more than a few moments you better hope someone calls an ambulance, as you may die from bleeding in the brain.

  9. The neo-barbarians are within the gates and we are not allowed to defend ourselves. When will enough be enough?

  10. Their prohibition against our self-defense is one of the criminal depravities of our ruling class.

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