I Must Demand Satisfaction

Some most excellent gentlemen have directed me to a scoundrelish attack to my honor. Political opposition can never absolve gentlemen from the necessity of a rigid adherence to the laws of honor and the rules of decorum. The common sense of mankind affixes to the epithet adopted by the good Mr. Everitt, the very idea of dishonor. As a proper gentleman, I must demand satisfaction to this offense against my honor and reputation. If the gentlemen Mr. Everitt does not see to my satisfaction, I trust that a representative will be nominated in order to choose a proper field of honor. While the challenged party has the prerogative of choosing the weapon, I might suggest:

I am aware of the deadliness of such a dangerous weapon, but as a matter of honor, I think it suitable. As the offended party, in the interest of civility, and out of humane sense, the duel will be to the “first sauce,” as I believe this will be adequate for the purposes of my satisfaction. I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant, and await your prompt reply.


8 thoughts on “I Must Demand Satisfaction”

  1. Only gentlemen duel. When a gentleman is accosted or dishonored by a person of the lower classes, it is more suitable to simply hire some thugs to beat the miscreant. Thus the gentleman is not further dishonored by acting like the miscreant is of the same class.

    Considering your choice of weapon, may I suggest simply calling the local Domino Pizza and dispatching a dozen of their finest to his house next Friday night?

  2. I think what truly agitates them isn’t the original post about the vigil. I suspect it’s the truth that rooted in his own movement’s behavior. I only discussed and questioned the seriousness of the effort because of the lack of serious effort put out by the Brady Campaign in their initial launch. When you watch Dennis Henigan’s video, he’s got office noises in the background suggesting that it wasn’t important enough to him to shut out all distractions. The volume of his voice randomly rises and falls, indicating that it’s many versions spliced together.

    The Brady Campaign teased this big, major announcement. Then, they had to change the date for all the teasing they did because they said it wouldn’t be revealed until the date of the vigil, ensuring that no one would actually turn up to any vigils. When they changed the date, the video announcement fell flat (still only about 1,600 views since launch – much of that traffic from gun blogs) and wasn’t up to what the standards should be for the leading gun control organization in the country. They used over-the-top language trying to argue that you could actually stop a bullet by lighting a candle, and one of their own leaders tried to drive the focus on her local event to her symbolic bell instead of the candles that were chosen to try and piggy back off of the non-political event happening in Tucson.

    I don’t want to say it was a complete failure, but it really does have to frustrate people who truly believe in real gun control and that Heller was fundamentally wrong. I’m sure that Ladd dreams about what he could do with the Brady Campaign budgets and popularity as the go-to source looking for gun control commentary.

    1. I think it would be awesome if CSGV had Brady’s money and popularity instead of Brady-the splorking noise each time they get pie on their face would be that muck louder.

      1. It the gentleman, and I use that term loosely since it is now 8:45 and I have not yet been satisfied, would be amiable to pies at 10 paces, he would find my response favorable provided we spar on the proper field of honor.

  3. When pizza is outlawed, only outlaws will have pizza. When will we have common sense regulations regarding the multi-meat assault pizza?

    I tremble for the Republic.

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