Dueling Returns to Politics in Ohio?

Apparently an candidate for Akron City Council must have insulted the honor of another candidate for the same office, or something like that, because the race nearly erupted into gun play.  If there’s anything these two can learn from our founding fathers is that they should settle the dispute like gentlemen.

6 thoughts on “Dueling Returns to Politics in Ohio?”

  1. This isn’t like Burr and Hamilton. This is two Democrats.
    In the early 70’s there was an Ohio ballot issue to remove the constitutional prohibition on known duellists holding office.
    IANAL but AFAIK, official duelling is legal in Ohio.

    I’d have to look up tar and feathers, too, but silicone seal and fiberglas have pretty much made it obsolete.

  2. Okay, we’ve had our laugh. Now we have to note that this was nothing like a duel, which would have been, for all its shortcomings, a highly formal matter of honor.

    It was a more like a gangfight. If you wonder where liberals’ “projection” comes from, it’s affairs exactly like this. They have a pretty good idea of how they would behave, and presume the rest of the populace is just like them. By this means, we end up with people who probably should not be trusted with a firearm being the ones to decide whether the rest of us can be trusted with a firearm.

    Tempe, Mores, assembly required.

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