5 thoughts on “How Not to Shoot Yourself Using a SERPA Holster”

  1. The Galco holsters I have for my pistols work just fine without going through a training course.

  2. Doing it properly slowly is a lot easier than not fucking it up when you speed things up. There’s a reason there are videos of very experienced shooters putting a round in their leg with those things.

    If you need a retention holster, just get the better one right off the bat. I understand Safariland holsters are supposed to be very good retention holsters.

  3. I was so hoping this was a video of throwing one in the trash and ordering a Safariland ALS.

  4. The method he says is “proper” – using the ‘flat’ of the finger – is one that goes against our natural instincts for how to press a button or lever – using the tip of the finger.

    Unnatural/contra-instinctive motion to operate = bad design.

    This holds especially true in a piece of gear where the natural and instinctive motion has a distinct probability of putting a bullet in you, and even more so when you are expected to need to operate it both quickly and under extreme stress.

    Bottom line, “get a better holster” is the best advice.

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