Big Sis’s Priorities: Go After File Sharers

Apparently the one thing worse than being a terrorist is linking to sites which deprive an important Democratic constituency a source of revenue. Of course, on this count, the Republicans aren’t really any better, though I’ve never understood why, strategically, the GOP cares a whit if an industry that donates heavily to Democrats loses money. The GOP should be leading the call for copyright reform.

4 Responses to “Big Sis’s Priorities: Go After File Sharers”

  1. Roberta X says:

    Why doesn’t the GOP get behind copyright reform? Easy, ask a Hoosier: “…never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.” Or pick a fight with him, either. Media are so horizontally integrated that reforming copyright so The Mouse squeaks out from under Walt’s thumb ticks off the ABC network (under the same thumb) — and that’s only one example.

  2. Andy says:

    You’ve written your congressman on your opposition to SOPA/PIPA, then, I presume.