Stevens Media Amends Righthaven Deal

Vegas Inc has the details of the amended copyright assignment. This would seem to be an admission that the previous assignment was flawed, which to me should mean they need to return all the settlement money. Also interesting is that the new deal calls for Stevens Media to pay one dollar per year in royalties, with 10 dollars as the repurchase price.

This, of course, begs the question as to exactly how Righthaven can claim damages into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over an interest which is at most a dollar a year, and is valued at ten dollars.

2 thoughts on “Stevens Media Amends Righthaven Deal”

  1. I have a feeling Righthaven just increased their problems with these new amendments. It shows that even Righthaven gives the value of their copyrights no more than $10.

    Makes you wonder if these is the brain-child of their new “hot shot” New York Lawyer. If that is the case I am not impressed.

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