Good News for Gun Clubs

Some politicians in Pennsylvania are looking to exempt non-profit food preparation from our state’s onerous health laws:

A law that has been on the books in Pennsylvania since 1945 says food that is sold at fish fries, spaghetti dinners, bake sales or any other church or community organization fundraiser, has to be made in a commercial kitchen that passes federal inspection. None of the food for sale can be made in parishioners’ homes. According to Sen. Rich Kasunic, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture never enforced the rule until recently.

Being able to serve food is an important part of running a successful match.  Competitors are there all day, and it’s good to be able to feed them.  This is something clubs, and I would argue even NRA, should consider getting behind.  Especially to make sure shooting clubs are exempted as well as churches.  Many clubs in our state are taking a chance serving food to members.  We shouldn’t have to worry about that.

One thought on “Good News for Gun Clubs”

  1. Yes, NRA should definitely get behind it to make sure that clubs would be covered. It can be a huge benefit to a club for financial reasons, but also for community building.

    I’m still appalled that your club doesn’t have a kitchen. The clubs up in MA had great kitchens that were open and staffed by volunteers for every major event. And you know, it was great for competitions, training classes, and other events. My old club used to have a monthly dinner before the membership meeting. Show up an hour early, shoot the breeze with other members, bring $5, and have a great meal. It was usually themed with any relevant holidays. Of course, we also had holiday parties for families and kids and a recreation area with a nice big tv with the relevant game on with a pool table nearby. I actually miss that range. It was a very active club on the ranges and off.

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