Pretty Good Ad

The GOP is running a pretty good ad against Pelosicare. Interesting though, it’s not really an exaggeration. Loading her bill in Safari made me have to restart, after it choked on the sheer size of it:


3 Responses to “Pretty Good Ad”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    That’s – priceless.

    • Bitter says:

      If they really wanted to have some fun with it, they would make a competing ad that with maps of districts of Dems who are leaning no, leaning yes, undecided, whatever and say play off of the Verizon “there’s a map for that” commercials.

  2. Ian Argent says:

    I imagine a map of districts where the majority don’t support shown next to a map where they do could be good – as you said, playing off the “there’s a map for that” ads.

    (Which I love, BTW. Disclosure – I work for VZW, but I’d like to think I’d find them funny even if I didn’t)