Virginia Looking to Abolish Gun Rationing

It’ll be a fight, for sure, but the Virginia legislature looks more pro-gun than it did, and they have a pro-gun Governor in Bob McDonnell:

Del. Scott Lingamfelter, R-Woodbridge, is proposing to do away with the Gov. Doug Wilder-era policy that limits a person to buying a single gun a month, arguing the rule “has run its course.”

“I don’t think it’s been a very effective policy,” Lingamfelter said. “It hasn’t done much to prevent crime; it has done a lot to affect commerce.”

All the changes look good though, but Virginia will be the second state to repeal gun rationing because it doesn’t work (the other is South Carolina). Before the one-gun-a-month law, gun control advocates bitched about Virginia being a prime source of crime guns. After one-gun-a-month, they are still bitching. It doesn’t work. It’s time for the law to go.

6 thoughts on “Virginia Looking to Abolish Gun Rationing”

  1. He should name it “the common sense in the face of the realization that activist gun ban groups are inherently dishoest an don’t really care about anything other than another issue to bitch about and fundraise off of Act of 2010”

  2. Virginia’s “gun of the month” law actually created an interesting problem for me when I moved there from California, of all places. All my guns at the time were California-legal, so you’d think moving them to Virginia would have been a no-brainer. It would have been, had I had the good sense to bring them with me when I drove across the country with a couple of suitcases and nothing else. Instead I left them with everything else at the house, only to learn the hard way that the movers wouldn’t move handguns, and UPS wouldn’t ship them to anyone but a dealer – which in turn would supposedly return them to me on terms analogous to a sale. Not sure they got the law right, but it ended up moot because I flew back for a weekend before flying back one last time with the family and the guns in tow.

  3. Also keep in mind that VA’s “One Gun A Month” law only applies to handguns and only applies to non-CHP holders.

    Still an idiotic law, but…just sayin…

  4. MikeB302000,

    Why do you differentiate between “gun” rights and others?

    Several newspapers have published information on who has a concealed carry permit. This isn’t a gun right issue but a right to privacy issue.

    One gun a month laws are more about governmental control over what legal products a person can purchase then over firearms. If they can control firearms that way, what is next? One bottle of alcohol a month? One Car a month.

    We, pro-rights advocates, aren’t just interested in “gun rights” but all of our rights. Rights you seem to be willing to trample in the name of safety.

  5. Rights you seem to be willing to trample for the illusion of safety.


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