Tough Losses for NJ Gun Rights Supporters

There are times that gun rights supporters are prepared for the possibility of setbacks in a legislature, and that’s usually on Election Day. Unfortunately, New Jersey’s community has been hit twice since Election Day 2011 with losses that weren’t expected. Last night, Assembly Republican leader Alex DeCroce collapsed and passed away at the State House. The other loss was in November with the passing of Peter Biondi. Certainly, our thoughts are with the families of these two.

NRA PVF had both rated as A candidates in the last election, so this means that local Jersey gun owners will need to do what they can in any special elections to help us keep those seats in the hands of pro-gun folks.

On another note, it’s pretty appalling that the AP considers it noteworthy that Gov. Christie came back to the State House about an hour after the Assemblyman passed last night in loafers with no socks. They describe him as so upset that he broke down with other GOP leaders, having just lost a friend and mentor. Yet, they consider it important to note his lack of socks. Of all of the details to capture in the moment, this is what the Associated Press considers important.

4 thoughts on “Tough Losses for NJ Gun Rights Supporters”

  1. Details like that help set the scene and convey emotion better than would another line about who was there and what they did.
    It also says a great deal about Christie that he just lept out of bed, threw on a jacket and came as fast as he could.
    Some politicians would have put the mourning on hold while they dressed for a photo-op.

    1. I would agree with that, but I think this sentence conveys that feeling much more than a concern about his socks: “The governor was seen breaking down while embracing Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and other legislative leaders.”

  2. ecurb said it pretty well. Knowing the reporter, Angela Delli Santi — from having worked with her at the Trenton Times early in the century — I’m certain that she was trying to provide some color with the entire sentence:

    “An obviously emotional Christie returned to the Capitol around midnight, wearing a sport jacket over a T-shirt and loafers but no socks.”

    Then when I factor in the lateness of the hour, and the need to try to make today’s editions of the dead tree media, I’m o.k. with it. Had the story broken earlier in the evening, perhaps the story would have read differently.

    Then again, ymmv.

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