We’re Winning, Again

A major paper publishes a story about how homicide rates are not linked to gun control. Did I mention the major paper is Canadian? Once you turn the issue from one where the media and other powers that be say “Well, gun control, of course,” to turning into a legitimate issue of contention, you’ve automatically started to win. Canadian gunnies are obviously a long way off from recovering serious lost ground, but they are moving in the right direction.

Our opponents only survive in “Well, gun control, of course,” political climates. Once you can shine light on the futility, ineffectiveness, and often outright intellectual and factual dishonesty of their positions, you will start pulling in more and more allies.

3 thoughts on “We’re Winning, Again”

  1. The problem is, Canadian gunnies aren’t poised all that well to exploit it.

  2. I don’t say we’re not winning, but articles in the national post don’t show it.

    the national post is a conservative and reactionary paper. always good to see positive coverage, but it’s not from the mild mannered canadians of our imagination.

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