National Review Comes Down Hard …

… on Andy Traver. Looks like we’re not the crazy uncle in the attic to the National Review crowd anymore.

UPDATE: One slight error:

Most of the so-called assault weapons are the ballistic equivalent of sheep in wolves’ clothing; they’re basically scary-looking squirrel guns. The greatest part of them are .223-caliber semiautomatic rifles, which is to say that they are largely indistinguishable from the little .22-caliber plinkers boys have been knocking cans off of fence posts with for generations.

Little distinguishable in caliber, but the .223 fires at a much higher velocity, and with a heavier bullet than a .22LR. I would not consider the .22LR and the .223 to be comparable. Though he’s correct it’s not legal for deer hunting in many states for being too underpowered. The rest is spot on.

One thought on “National Review Comes Down Hard …”

  1. My closest range has permission from the county to fire “pistol caliber, rimfire rifle, and 0.22 caliber rifle ammunition”. The lawyery guy on the Board managed to get a letter from Code Enforcement stating that the permit allows 0.223 since it starts with “0.22” .

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