A Movement With No Followers

That’s how Bloomberg Business Week is describing the gun control movement, in what is a very balanced article, considering the source. The article speaks of record low crime rates as a primary reason that support for gun control among the populace has dropped, but I think that’s only one factor. Violence in the ‘burbs, where most of the political elite live was never that high, even in the 1980s. Additionally, while violence in cities has dropped, city dwellers are still more likely to support gun control over the general population.

I think a big factor in the disappearance of support for gun control is generational, namely that subsequent generations don’t harbor as many racial and xenophobic anxieties as previous generations. Whether our opponents want to admit it or not, much of the nations gun control was prompted by these anxieties among political elites. These days, the idea that rights belong to all Americans, and even in many cases to all persons, is considerably better understood by the baby boomers, than it was understood by previous generations, and is even more engrained in subsequent generations. I think without those anxieties tugging at the subconscious of the elites, gun control finds considerably less reception, except among the fringe, who largely associate with the peace movement, or those who are misplacing grief over loved ones lost in gun related crime or suicides. That’s a very small pool of people, and not enough to build a movement on.

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  1. Anyone else going to Sunday night’s brady candle fest – it’s in West Chester and York.

    1. My wife and I are strongly considering open carrying to the Brady Bunch BS in West Chester tomorrow evening. We might even bring some signs if we get enough motivation to put them together. Maybe we’ll see some of you there?

  2. The question is, when does this become contagious beyond America’s borders.

  3. “…the idea that rights belong to all Americans, and even in many cases to all persons, is considerably better understood by the baby boomers, than it was understood by previous generations…”

    I can see that. May Issue = Whites Only. “Sheriff’s Discretion” was understood by minorities to mean that they need not apply for a CCW.
    Shall Issue is the only fair system, but Democrats, who always boast of supporting civil rights, hate the thought of Shall Issue. Why is that?

  4. I tried to teach my U.S. History students that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t about duck hunting. It was/is about the ability of a free people to resist an abusive government. Our rights may be God-given, but they are protected by grim-faced armed citizens of terrible resolve.

    I don’t hunt, but I shoot. Blue helmets make great aim points.

  5. I don’t agree.

    To clarify, there are two different groups whose opinions on gun-control we are talking about, the so-called elites vs the public at large.

    I think the opinion of the elites on gun-control have not changed significantly. Those elitists who believed in gun-control or advocated for it still do so today. What clearly has changed is the opinion of the public at large. The question is why?

    One factor that I think should not be overlooked is the ongoing public debate on the issue. It may have taken our side 50 years to do it, but we have finally won over the favor of most people with reasonable minds. The fact that the dominate media elites have always been and remain on the other side makes our victory all the more amazing, and sweeter.

  6. It’s nice to know that there is less resistance, but until the 1968, and 1934 gun laws are repealed, until BATFE becomes BATE, until I can purchase a firearm from anywhere and have it sent to my home by the US Mail without some federal agency knowing about the transaction, the 2nd Amendment is still under assault, and the struggle to live up to the freedoms established by the Founding Fathers will continue.

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