More Evidence of Duplicity

Joe Huffman offers further evidence that our opponents were indeed about gun bans, no matter what they may say today. There was some speculation in the comments of the last post that this was meant to keep the money rolling in. I have little doubt that most of our opponents machinations are intended for this purpose, but if having to distance themselves from bans is necessary, what does it say about the viability of their cause? Isn’t that pretty much an admission that only kooks and whack jobs want to ban guns? And what does it say that there hasn’t been a whole lot of leadership turnover since those days when these groups publicly advocated for bans? Just sayin.

One thought on “More Evidence of Duplicity”

  1. Look, we know that they want to ban guns. The people who would be willing to give money know that they want to ban guns. They need to get their publicity, so they have to keep quiet about it is all. If it were a right wing organization, the left would be screaming “dog whistle!” You keep acting as if they actually intend to move their agenda. They know that they have lost. They just want to keep getting paid and keep the fight going. They can’t win, but they can just keep a lot of us occupied.

    CSGV’s Horwitz said it plainly. Gun rights are a threat to the progressive agenda. While on the right, gun rights supporters don’t send money to immigration reformers “out of solidarity,” that’s exactly what they do on the left. Why does the Joyce Foundation fund gun control? For the same reason they fund all sorts of other leftist causes. Because they are all the same people, engaged in all the same activities. They are all leftists, pushing the leftist agenda.

    Let’s imagine what would happen if Brady and CSGV and MAIG suddenly rolled over and died. We sweep over the states and re-write the laws to have universal reciprocity, Shall-issue, and eventually Constitutional Carry. GCA ’68 and NFA ’34 are repealed. Let’s imagine we get everything we want with no serious push back. Then what? All the people who spent all those years recovering our lost ground would be able to find other causes to get involved in. Maybe some of us would stop caring about politics, but let’s face it, most of us are pissed off about the left and their “you must live the way we tell you to live” attitude. Most of us view gun rights as the canary in the coal mine of government power. Liberate us from having to fight every day against the gun grabbers and we might just start to make trouble for the grabbers’ allies in other leftist organizations.

    So the few remaining people in the gun control racket are either true believers or hired guns. The true believers will fight until they die, or are locked in a secure center for the mentally deranged and cut off from their internet access. The hired guns know that they are merely a rear-guard action designed to keep the millions of gun rights supporters from overrunning the rest of the leftist agenda. And they all want that sweet sweet donation money given by leftist foundations and the few remaining true believers. They know that the leftist foundations will support them, if not as well as in the past, to keep us busy and out of their hair in other issues. They also know that the true believers will send in their donations believing that the gun control racket is just being coy about “reasonable restrictions.”

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