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Because when it comes to politics:

More details can be found at the linked article. While I think it’s ridiculous an interest group wields such power in Washington that Congressional leadership has to negotiate with them, this is overall a good step and NRA support should ensure its passage.

… it’s far better for liberty and the health of the republic if politicians don’t listen to the interest of constituents and interests groups at all, and rely only on their good and pure instincts on subjects that they, most likely, don’t know much about?

But I suppose what’s really at work with a lot of congressional dems, who just want to stick it to sport shooters and gun owners, is that it really sucks to, you know, actually have to listen to them and take their concerns seriously rather than being able to dismiss them as a bunch of kooks.

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  1. I find it ironic that to the right of this post – that is bitching about interest groups influencing politics – are ads/links for the ACLU, the People for the American Way,, and ACORN, to name a few.

  2. This was not a negotiation it was a conspiracy. The politicians get to pass more laws with the blessings of group alleged to be pro-rights, but is not. The group gets to keep the problem in order to raise more money to solve the problem.

    It is a pigeon drop, we are the pigeons.

  3. It doesn’t really change anything though. We’re not adding new classes of prohibited people, not banning any guns, nor making it more difficult for ordinary people to get them. If anything, this gets rid of some of the most odious problems with NICS and seems to clarify that expungements end up relieving folks of prohibited status, and you’ll be able to get mistakes removed from the system.

    Like I said, I’ll reserve final judgment until I see a bill. The Democrats could still double cross us. But I think if this was a conspiracy, we seem to have come in better shape than I was expecting.

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