Chris Cox on HR822

Countering some of the objections by our opponents that HR822 is violative of states rights:

This is an inalienable right that neither the federal government, nor any state government, may infringe upon. In addition, the 14th Amendment gives Congress the power to protect us from states that infringe on our inalienable, constitutional rights.

By the way, these are the same gun-ban groups that don’t give any consideration to states’ rights when they lobby for sweeping federal gun bans, ammunition bans, and magazine bans.

I don’t think states have rights anyway. People have rights. States have powers which are delegated to it by the people. I’m glad he’s calling out the disingenuousness of our opponents when they hang their hat on the 10th Amendment. They weren’t so concerned about state-by-state policy when they were busy banning scary looking rifles as equally in Pennsylvania as they were in Montana.

One thought on “Chris Cox on HR822”

  1. Yep the same people who are against this bill because states should have the choice to restrict people (specifically racial minorities) from carrying guns were in favor of the McCarthy Magazine ban bill…and they’re the people who think we need a federal AWB not even for ourselves but MEXICO.

    They really don’t care, they just want to ban guns to ban them and will say whatever it takes so the ban de-jour sounds good.

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