Even CNN Is Noticing

CNN is reporting on record high sales of firearms. That data is pretty clear, but the Brady Campaign are still in denial:

“The research we’ve seen indicates fewer and fewer people are owning more and more guns,” said Caroline Brewer of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “All the trends indicate the number of Americans who own guns has declined.”

What “research we’ve seen?” As they are well aware, polling is indicating otherwise. The ostrich approach is not going to make the “problem” go away. It’s not going to suddenly make it all true. I realize that Brady has to engage their donors, and not admit all is hopeless, but the denial is comical at this point. Even CNN is recognizing it.

The lesson for our opponents here is that unintended consequences work both ways. You were the ones that wanted the background check. Well, now we have it, and unfortunatly for you, it’s telling everyone your goose is cooked.

11 thoughts on “Even CNN Is Noticing”

  1. The research they’re talking about is from the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey, at least that’s what the VPC cited in their recent study on the shrinking numbers of gun owners. The NORC’s website is a bitch to navigate, as well as the site for their General Social Survey, but supposedly it’s all there. I don’t know anything about the NORC, who they poll, how many people they poll, etc.

  2. I would have called this “Unintended Consequences”. Funny how they got what they wanted and the facts don’t support them? Maybe the NYT can do another piece?

  3. ““The research we’ve seen…” = “When we stick our hands up our asses, we pull out something that smells like…”

    As far as I can tell, the Brady fools couldn’t effectively research the color of the sky and get the same answer two times out of three.

  4. Just some thoughts … but I wonder if the fact that you need a background check, fill out paperwork, and then become “government approved” makes for an experience akin to learning how to drive and then buying a car. Which like gun ownership, is something that requires, skill, responsibility, and can be deadly if either is lacking.

    Ownership becomes respectable and part of every day life; in a sense it becomes something regular and (here’s the key) something that responsible folks can, and in fact should, do.

    In my neck of the woods, more and more unlikely people are showing an interest in gun ownership.

  5. @Maria: That sounds like a fair point. While I utterly reject the notion that I should have to beg permission from the government in order to exercise my Constitutional rights, I see how many would believe that having that government permission slip makes them in a sense “normal.”

    I think it’s more akin to voting. No one expects people to have training in order to vote. We do have to register to vote, but only because voting is done on a residency basis. I think that if the government is going to insist on permission slips that they handle it the same way they handle voting. When you get your driver’s license, the nice lady asks if you’d like to register to vote. And then she asks you if you’d like to add a concealed carry license to your Driver’s license.

    Of course, since I don’t believe in training requirements, I think that your concealed license should be automatically added to your DL as soon as you reach the prescribed age so long as you are not disqualified. If the Government wishes to impose a training requirement, then it should be handled during the High School Civics class.

    1. The voting comparison seems right. Like ownership is and parcel of your civic responsibility as a resident or citizen.

      In an ideal world, one with a healthy government, both responsibilities would be encouraged and access streamlined; education and training would be provided.

      One can dream.

  6. Got my CPL and bought my first gun this year.
    Fewer and fewer hands? Not unless there’s been a lot of sawmill accidents.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how many more I need, because the “ones I want” list is enormous.

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