Even Forbes Recognizes Denial

Forbes has a rather excellent article on the firearms boom as we head into the SHOT show, noting that everyone at SHOT seems to be having a good time.

Indeed, this prolonged surge in gun sales has driven Sarah Brady’s group to some very creative spin; for example, Caroline Brewer, of the Brady Campaign, said, “The research we’ve seen indicates fewer and fewer people are owning more and more guns.”

Sanetti doesn’t think the Brady Campaign’s spin has a syllable of truth in it; after all, he pointed out that the NSSF’s First Shots Program (a program that holds shooting lessons for the public) has been growing fast. “Fun, new action-shooting sports, such as 3-gun and sporting clays, are also bringing in a lot of new shooters, especially women,” he says.

And popular shows, such as The History Channel’s Top Shots, have helped to showcase how much fun shooting can be[.]

So even Forbes thinks it’s ridiculous at this point, to deny that shooting is becoming popular, and is driving the sale of more guns. Somewhere in the past decade, they’ve lost control of the message and lost the initiative. While the media can still be counted on to get it wrong, or to deliver biased stories that parrot anti-gun group talking points, the number of outlets willing to run these is becoming increasingly small, and limited to jurisdictions that have already largely succeeded in destroying the shooting sports and lawful gun ownership.

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