More on California’s Microstamping

All I can say is, I’m glad I live in Pennsylvania.  California isn’t the only state to institute approved handgun lists.   Also playing this game are Massachusetts and Maryland.  Bitter has a Massachusetts compliant SIG, which basically involves drilling a hole in the chamber so you can see brass in it.   Stupid feature for stupid people, and it adds about 200 bucks to the cost of the gun.

But those features only work for people who would know enough to check the standard way, by actually checking the chamber.   It’s just a way to make selling firearms in the state more of a hassle, so fewer do, this driving up the price.  Higher prices mean fewer legal gun owners, which make more onerous restrictions politically easier.

Don’t believe me?  California has banned lead bullets for hunting.  This is serious folks.  The slippery slope is real.

2 thoughts on “More on California’s Microstamping”

  1. My thought (well, actually, it is not mine alone) is that all of the firearm companies that service the various California State and City Police Departments do the same exact thing Barrett did – Until the idiotic law gets changed, their contracts are suspended.

    Granted, the Barrett situation was prompted by a full-on ban, but microstamping is tantamount to one, and has been scientifically demonstrated to both be ineffective and easy to overcome.

  2. Seriously, Linoge. How do you consolidate the requirment to microstamp with handloaded ammo or more significantly all those home brewers who sell remanufactured ammo at gun shows (oh yeah. That’s right, they want to ban gun shows).

    But this is a serious problem, and one that becomes easier and easier as less and less people hunt … But I do believe them when they say its not about guns. Heck,EPA is about to take rat poison off the market because of this crap.

    When is enough enough???

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