4 thoughts on “I’ve Already Seen This Movie”

  1. Speaking of the Titanic, have you seen this: 25′ high Titanic Adventure slide?

    Because nothing says “child’s birthday party” like an inflatable slide based on a century old disaster in which hundreds of people died.

    (And $1000/four hours seems a bit high, unless it comes with Kate Winslet, in which case my check would be in the mail tomorrow.)

  2. Didn’t end well???? I beg to differ. In the movie, we got to see Leo DiCap die a horrible death from hypothermia, before having his popsicled body shoved off of floating debris into a watery grave by the love of his life.

    That’s good entertainment for the whole family.

  3. I was guessing Poseidon Adventure, either the 1980’s version or the recent remake. Both were execrable.

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