Limit Your Issues on Appeal

Orin Kerr speaks of the importance of not taking kitchen sink cases before the Courts. Unfortunately there are a number of kitchen sink cases out there moving their way through the court system. Many of them funded by folks who should know better.

3 Responses to “Limit Your Issues on Appeal”

  1. A Critic says:

    It’s pretty brilliant, the government can institutionalize tens of thousands of wrongs and if you are lucky you might be able to contest one of them.

  2. Brandon Combs says:

    *cough* Heller II *cough*.


  3. Andy B. says:

    Poorly planned cases are extremely common among the genre that are launched primarily as organization fund raisers. We all have received mailings informing us that “for only $XXX, you too can be a party/plaintiff in this history-making court challenge. . .”

    Often the $XXX will be some multiple of the last donation you sent.