More Bad Ideas for CCW

Now a company is selling CCW sashes instead of badges. This reminds me of when I was part of the Safety program in 6th grade, and you got a sash that says you were a safety. I don’t exactly remember what safeties did, other than queue the kids up outside the door in the morning. But I digress. I didn’t think anyone could come up with a worse idea than CCW badges, and I have unfortunately been proved wrong.

19 thoughts on “More Bad Ideas for CCW”

  1. That’s… awesome.

    Literally, it inspires awe at what a bad idea it is, and that it’s possible that rather than being tawdry and money-grubbing exploitation, the inventor really might think it’s just a good idea.

    1. CCW Underwear. Comes in three colours: Safety Orange, Reflective Yellow and Dark Brown (just in case, you know…). Has “PACKING HEAT” written on on the back in special glow-in-the-dark paint.

      After you’re done shooting, all you do is drop trou and bend over to send a clear signal to the cops that you’re on their side.

      Plus, CCW underwear impresses the ladies (or guys, NTTAWWT) in those special intimate moments by letting them exactly what you’re hiding.

  2. LOL

    Is this serious? Need I mention that it contradicts carrying concealed?

  3. I note that the products are intended to be displayed after a DGU:

    after we survive the initial deadly encounter that we aren’t misidentified by responding officers and possibly engaged with deadly gunfire due to misidentification

    With that in mind, such products might not be a bad idea … though I’d not buy the one that says “ARMED”!

  4. I remember when the badges thing came out. My first reaction was that it would probably sell well to the people that really wanted to be cops, but couldn’t pass the physical or psychological evaluation.

    I can remember a time when opponents of shall-issue policies insisted that the only reason we were pushing for this was that we all had wanna be cop fantasies. The business failure of CCW badges/sashes/propeller hats is a pretty good indication that such people were actually pretty rare.

  5. In a monster economy made up of over 300 million people, the stupidest idea on earth can find enough buyers to make a small fortune, if it is marketed properly.

    Sadly, I have known enough people who felt that their CCWs were themselves such indicators of their “Real Gunnie” status, that they sought to advertize that they had them to anyone who would listen, usually within several minutes of starting conversation. While their percentage of the population may be small, I think it is yet big enough to make a pretty penny from.

    Not to go off on a tangent, but they also tend to be people who resist the idea of just anybody having the right to carry a firearm, a’la Constitutional Carry, so their existence within our ranks can be a significant problem.

  6. Mine says “Miss Maine”. Just ignore the five o’clock shadow.

    A sash is at least not quite as awful as an armband.

  7. Sorta seems like the inverse of Beyond This Horizon by Robert Heinlein. In the society described in that book one wore a brassard to warn others that one was unarmed.

    This is the book in which Heinlein wrote “An armed society is a polite society.”

  8. So I’m a policeman arriving at the scene of a reported shooting and I see a fat 50 year old white male in casual clothes with a sash of bright yellow, with a gun in his hand.

    I immediately suspect I am at the scene of a perverted beauty pageant of some kind, and Miss CCW is upset s/he lost.

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