Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

The mayor of bankrupt Harrisburg, PA has unveiled a brand new gun crime fighting tool – signs. But not just any signs, signs with a phone number. It was announced with a press conference bragging about how these signs would convince people to turn in guns used in crimes.

The signs list a phone number people who want to turn guns in can call or anonymous tipsters can call to report illegal guns on the street and other related crimes to police, Mayor Linda Thompson said this afternoon during a weekly crime prevention press conference.

Of course, this program has the standard promise that police won’t ask questions when guns are turned in through her pet project.

I’m sure that will solve all of the crime in Harrisburg if we just put up more signs. Perhaps Philly can just put up lots of signs and solve their city problems.

4 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs”

  1. So, if there’s no questions asked, do they check the guns against anything? There’s some sort of amnesty, I understand, but how deep does it go? What’s to stop someone from stealing a gun, committing a murder, then turning the evidence in to the cops for $50 and no questions asked? Does anyone on that side think of these things?

  2. Maybe entrepreneurially-minded 2nd Amendment supporters should put up their own signs. Get guns cheap, with no paper trail, and get rid of them the same way.

  3. “um hi, yeah I’m calling about this guy named Eric. I’ve heard that he’s had a lot of illegal guns and has been giving them to drug dealers. I heard that one of the guns shot a cop. He’s about 5’10”, short cropped greying hair, mustache, and he’s always wearing a suit. He works in DC and is friends with a lot of other criminals.”

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