This Describes Me Well

A New York Times article on the demise of the phone call:

“I literally never use the phone,” Jonathan Adler, the interior designer, told me. (Alas, by phone, but it had to be.) “Sometimes I call my mother on the way to work because she’ll be happy to chitty chat. But I just can’t think of anyone else who’d want to talk to me.” Then again, he doesn’t want to be called, either. “I’ve learned not to press ‘ignore’ on my cellphone because then people know that you’re there.”

I can’t remember the last time I answered an outside call on my office phone. When you’re in some kind of IT or tech field, 95% of the time it’s someone calling to try to sell you something you don’t want or need. Someone important will leave a message.

4 thoughts on “This Describes Me Well”

  1. And on that note, there are some excellent prepaid cell plans out there now. It used to be if you had prepaid, you had bad credit. Now if you have prepaid, it can simply be the best deal. Not only 5 cents a minute plans out there, but unlimited for like $40 a month. And no contract. And this relates to guns because saving money lets you buy more guns.

  2. I have the cheapest cell phone possible and blocked text & emails. If you are one of the few that have my number and have the urge to communicate, do so with your voice. It also keeps the misunderstanding to a minimum.

  3. I don’t mind phone calls. I hate voice mail. And never leave them. If its important enough, I’ll send an email.

  4. I rarely talk on the phone anymore. Most communication can be done easier via twitter, Facebook, or a simple text message or e-mail. Since I can use all of those forms of communication right from my phone actually using it as a phone just doesn’t happen that often.

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