Enforcing the Laws

Despite some confusion because of the misleading term “assault weapon,” I think this newspaper is starting to get it:

There are too many weapons in the hands of criminals and others who have no business with them. That is a problem not easily solved and gun control laws don’t work to do that. Even regulating a type of gun won’t solve that.

Strict enforcement of existing gun laws and citizen activism to report and crack down on illegal guns and gun-related crimes are needed. Punishment for crimes using guns needs to be more severe.

In this case, these people need to be found and be prosecuted criminally and civilly. Such acts rise above negligence.

I noticed the typical immune response to the word “assault weapon” being used in the comments, but I thought the paper deserved from praise for being willing to make a more serious look at the issue then just a reflexive call for more guns laws.

2 thoughts on “Enforcing the Laws”

  1. That was my thought when I read this investigative piece in at philly.com. What is Philly always clamoring for more gun laws when they can’t convict the few suspects that do appear in court.

    Philadelphia defendants walk free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of violent-crime cases. Among large urban counties, Philadelphia has the nation’s lowest felony-conviction rate.

    Only one in 10 people charged with gun assaults is convicted of that charge, the newspaper found.

    Only two in 10 accused armed robbers are found guilty of armed robbery.

    Only one in four accused rapists is found guilty of rape.

    The data also show that people charged with assaults with a gun escape conviction more often than those who use fists or knives. Of people arrested for possession of illegal handguns, almost half go free.


  2. This type of accident, with supposedly “stray bullets,” is common in urban areas. There are a lot of things that could be done to help prevent it but until that becomes the “will of the people,” nothing is going to happen. Let the bullets reign.

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