Open Carry Deters Armed Robbers

People have always argued that openly armed individuals are a deterrent against crime, this case from Kennesaw Georgia would seem to bear that out. My opinion is that open carry would likely deter most armed robbers, who are more interested in cash than killing. Seriously violent individuals might just shoot first, but I believe those kinds of folks are a minority.

5 thoughts on “Open Carry Deters Armed Robbers”

  1. I’ve always that concealed carry also deterred because a criminal can’t tell who is carrying and who isn’t. Therefore it makes sense to avoid violent crimes against anyone. Open carry just tells the robber to avoid the carrier.

  2. According to the police report, the armed robbers had a BB gun.


    On 10/03/09 around 0542 hours, Officer D. Lowe was dispatched to Barrett Parkway to investigate a suspicious vehicle parked behind the business. Upon his arrival he made contact with 3 individuals who were parked in a Silver 1991 Toyota Camry. After further investigation, a ski mask, black BB gun, and other tools of a crime were found inside of the vehicle. It was also later determined that the vehicle they were in and another vehicle parked next to them were reported stolen out of Marietta. After being interviewed, all subjects were charged with Loitering, Theft by Receiving, and Conspiracy to Commit an Armed Robbery. Officer Lowe, along with assistance from Officer Van Dyke, Singleton, and Hull did an excellent job of investigating these indivduals and asking the right questions which led to them interrupting an armed robbery. GREAT JOB!!”

  3. It’s not enough to convince me that open carry is a good idea tactically. If you run into armed robbers who are willing to kill you’re probably going to be dead. In this case, they probably wanted money. That’s going to be the case with most armed robbers. But we wouldn’t carry guns if we liked to play the odds

  4. I’m still not convinced by the “open carry is dumb” concept. Criminals are after easy pickings; to target the obviously most dangerous prey is just stupid when there’s a whole lotta safer sheeple to pick on. Should they choose you anyway despite your big “don’t f with me” OC piece, getting the drop on you nowhere near guarantees they’ll survive contact. Cops and armed couriers open carry for a reason: “don’t f with me”.

    All that said, yes, sometimes goblins DO think they’re superior and pick harder targets. Still, you’re far more likely to be selected as prey for looking like sheeple than another predator. And fumbling with drawing from concealment is an impediment when someone else already has the upper hand in the conflict.

    Methinks we’re so used to submitting to CCW-only laws in an RKBA-averse society, and are so grateful for what allowances our masters do concede, that by reflex we justify CCW and fear rocking the boat via OC.

  5. If I’ve got a .45 on my hip, a military-style mohawk, and look like I know how to handle myself, it’d take a serious crackhead to think that I was easier pickings than the next poor dumb bastard to come along. Other than active shooters, criminals are very risk-adverse, IMHO, and I think generaly social experience bears that out.

    I hate the “tactical” arguments, anyways – I think everyone should be able to make their own choice, and fuck anyone who doesn’t agree.

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