I Don’t Know How This Could Be

People never can successfully defend themselves with a gun, if you ask our opponents. Remember, for them it’s only a DGU if there’s a corpse. Kudos to the homeowner, but three shots and not a hit? Time to get to the range. Also interesting is that neighborhood is rich. This is not far from where I used to work for ten years, and I could never afford to live in the neighborhood I worked, and I didn’t make bad money.

This means there are two criminals out there now targeting rich looking houses, and will no doubt be moving to what they think is an easier target. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest society would have been better off if this homeowner had made some well placed shots, even if that only enabled the police to apprehend them when they showed up in the emergency room with gunshot wounds, which, BTW, still wouldn’t have been a DGU if you use our opponents statistical methods.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How This Could Be”

  1. It’s not a defensive gun use unless there’s a corpse. But if there’s a corpse, it’s a “Gun Death,” and still a reason to ban all firearms. So according to our opponents, no, people cannot defend themselves with firearms. By their logic, there is no appropriate defensive gun use; just varying degrees of murder.

    They are not good people.

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