Mexican Gun Canard Well and Truly Dead

CBS News’s report should put to bed any last remnant of credibility that ever was attached to the whole “90% of weapons in Mexico come from the US” line of crap our opponents were pushing for several years. From now on, any hint from our opponents on the whole Mexican trafficking topic ought to be met with demands they stop lying, and refuted with the ample facts.

I have no doubt that guns do get trafficked to Mexico illegally, but it’s looking like a significant aspect of that problem has been fueled by our own government, either through illegal activities like Fast and Furious, or through legal sales of firearms to the Mexican government.

2 thoughts on “Mexican Gun Canard Well and Truly Dead”

  1. It’s not just sales to Mexico. The U.S. government supplies Honduras’s & Guatemala’s armies as well. From what I’ve read, the Zetas use Guatemalan army depots like drive-thru liquor stores. Nobody with any sense ever thought RPGs & full auto whatevers were coming from the US civilian market. Sharyl Atkisson deserves a Pulitzer or two for her work so far on this issue.

  2. It may be dead for the most part but cable channels like Current & Link continue to run the same claptrap over & over again.

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