Astroturfing HR822 Opposition

I’m always skeptical any time I see a letter to the editor in the paper from someone appearing to be a concerned citizen, yet appearing to hit all the right talking points. While there are certainly anti-gun people in New Jersey, I don’t think most of them pay enough attention This is the case with Sharon Ransavage’s letter against HR822. Ransavage is a former prosecutor in Hunterdon County, but more importantly, she’s co-chair of the Hunterdon Peace Coalition, which is a subset of Coalition for Peace Action, which, as you may remember, absorbed CeaseFire New Jersey. So she’s one of Bryan Miller’s buddies. They say it’s a small world, but I’m always surprised how small a world it really is when it comes to anti-gun activism.

If we’re a tiny minority, exercising influence beyond our number, what do they think they are?

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