10 thoughts on “CeaseFire New Jersey Defunct, Now Rolled up With Peaceniks”

  1. I caught this little tidbit out of the annoucement

    Finally, CFPA brings strong administration and grass-roots organizing through its regional office overseeing 18 chapters and over 7,800 member and supporting households to the merger.

    7,800 members of “the state’s premiere gun violence prevention group”. Wow, what a huge grass roots organization, eh?

    Population of PA – 12,448,279 –meaning the premiere group has 0.062659% of the population supporting it.

    Love it when they try to show off.

  2. Bob … move your decimal two to the left.

    I wonder if Bryan will continue harping about guns? I suspect that the gun control agenda has as little to do with reducing violence as it has to do with promoting peace.

    I would like for violence to be reduced and for peace to be increased. But I think the gun controllers are damned loopy.

  3. So that gives them what? Three–four members? I guess that’s enough that they can designate one as the “spokesperson” for the group.

  4. Sebastian, You called it “defunct.” Do you not believe them when they say, “The merger will utilize the strengths of each group to synergistically maximize effectiveness.”

  5. The gun control movement has always made use of umbrella groups to save failing gun control organizations. You will probably see a lot of this going forward because Heller was a major game changer. Not that gun control, as an issue, is going to go away, but the strategies going forward are going to have to be different. I’ve said before, MAIG is really the only gun control advocacy group that’s implementing a true post-Heller strategy. As long as Bloomberg is around, I don’t think they are going anywhere but up. Brady I think will survive just because they have been in the game so long as a major player, but Brady will go through pain, and will need to reinvent itself.

    But a lot of these other, weaker groups are going to be absorbed by umbrella groups as their core activists decide they have better things to do with their lives than beat on a dead issue. Especially groups like CeaseFire, which were never really anything other than gun control groups thinly disguised as urban anti-violence groups. That banner just doesn’t seem to carry the day anymore, probably because of generally falling crime rates.

    Gun control is going to need some new banners to march under, and so far, MAIG is the only group I’ve seen that’s serious about trying new things.

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