5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Really Have to Wonder …”

  1. “The NRA has also not hesitated to dismantle the presumption of innocence when it allows gun owners to shoot first and ask questions later.”

    I always thought I was innocent until proven guilty?

    Statements like this go to show that there is no way to reason with these people. They are certifiably insane. Their hatred of guns and gun-owner has completely destroyed their ability to reason.

  2. Reminds me of an old police joke…
    Officer: “Sir, why’d you shoot the burglar?”
    Citizen: “Because he was guilty.”
    Officer: “How’d you know he was guilty?”
    Citizen: “Because I shot him!”

    Gee officer… why do you refer to him as “the burglar”…

    Dann in Ohio

  3. I once had an email exchange with a former NYC prosecutor who claimed, “People who shoot someone have to prove, and rightly so, that it was self-defense.” When I pointed out I was under the impression that it was up to the prosecutor to prove guilt rather than the defendant to prove innocence he changed the subject and said it was odd for a non-lawyer to bring up points of law in such a discussion. He seemed to be quite firm in his belief that if someone did in fact shoot someone it completely changed the nature of the proceedings such that presumption of innocence was totally forgotten.

  4. Point of fact, if you carry a gun and use it, you are presumed guilty in most courts in the NE and Western US… Not so much in the South and Southwest.

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