One thought on “Bloomberg Campaign Commercial”

  1. Here’s a quote from Carolyn McCarthy in this campaign commercial for Bloomberg:

    “He is leading a nationwide effort to get guns off of our streets.”

    Notice how she says Bloomberg’s effort is about getting “guns,” rather than “criminals,” off of our streets, as if somehow crimes will immediately cease to be perpetrated as soon as guns cease to exist.

    Caroline McCarthy also begins this commercial by stating that “senseless gun violence” took the life of her husband and almost of her son, rather than saying something like, “Colin Ferguson murdered my husband and almost murdered my son, along with a whole lot of other innocent people.”

    The way Carolyn McCarthy phrases it, it’s almost as if the pistol Colin Ferguson used on the day of his murder spree aboard that commuter train in Long Island was the true culprit and not the man himself.

    Gun-haters like Carolyn McCarthy and Mike Bloomberg do not truly care about reducing violent crime. If they did, they would be talking about things other than just gun bans all the time.

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