Obama Throws the Brady Campaign a Bone

I guess the White House could only hold out against the onslaught of grassroots action from the gun control crowds for so long.

President Obama delivered a 10-minute-long inaudible and untelevised speech on gun control Thursday, addressing the politically volatile topic from behind the closed doors of the Oval Office, where nobody could see or hear him. “The Second Amendment doesn’t…” said Obama, who trailed off and gently whispered a number of strong, definitive statements that were muffled by the hand in front of his face.

Go read the whole thing for more details on this major policy speech.

9 thoughts on “Obama Throws the Brady Campaign a Bone”

  1. When you lose the support of the satyrists, you’ve just plain lost in the media age.

  2. I don’t see or here too many people singing the gospel of hope and change these days. All those bumper stickers have long since been pulled of and anyone who did vote for him certainly is not admitting to that these days.

  3. Really?!? The Onion? Damn. I totally believed that a major policy initiative would be announced via inaudible speech. Who are those clever people pulling a fast one over on us dumb redneck gun owners?

  4. Andy, I don’t know any Obama voters who regret having voted for him. There are certainly Obama voters that wish he was more like the far left radical that the Right claimed he was, instead of the centrist that he clearly is, but it’s not like people disappointed with Obama on this topic or that topic with they’d have voted for McCain/Palin instead.

    I voted for Obama knowing he was anti-gun at heart but betting on the fact that he’d realize that gun control was a losing issue, and so far that appears to be true. And as for everything else, he’s not shocked or surprised me–I got what I expected.

  5. Obama wants a 2nd term — and if he came out publically for control — it’d be 2008/2009 all over again….

    Record firearm sales
    Record ammo sales

    …and I’d be SOL finding a 50rd pack of 9mm to shoot at the range again…

  6. The Onion just skewered the gun-grabbers? Whoah.

    Not to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but that’s an interesting sign – gun control is Not Cool any more, maybe?
    Movements need da yoots, if nothing else to harness their energy.

  7. @Guav:

    Obama is a CENTRIST???

    Do you say that because your ox has not been gored yet?

    Obama is a centrist like I am a giraffe – only in fevered acid dreams.

  8. Markie Marxist sez: “You can all laugh now, but wait till Obama’s second term, which he will get by his silence on the gun issue. Oh, the irony! I heard that ATF has already placed a large order for bayonets. Ha! Ha!”

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