Repeal the Second Amendment

Looks like at least one gun control group, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is getting on board with this idea. I’m not all that surprised. They’ve consistently refused to acknowledge Heller was correct, in stark contrast to the Brady Campaign accepting the ruling, provided it means being limited to having a gun in the home.

4 thoughts on “Repeal the Second Amendment”

  1. At least they are honest – that is a refreshing change of pace. Better than listening to some stupid explanations of how it was meant to allow the government to arm cops or soldiers or something. Like countries without the Second Amendment don’t issue rifles to their soldiers.

    1. If they want guns out of private hands, this is the legitimate way to do it. Much as the Temperance League pushed the 19th amendment. We have rules on how to limit rights around here…

  2. Aside from the ongoing debate of what “reasonable regulation” details, the only other avenue of discussion left in the wake of Heller/McDonald is to repeal the 2A.

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