Two RTC Bills in Wisconsin

Hearings are being scheduled for two competing right-to-carry bills in the Wisconsin legislature, one which would make the state shall-issue with pretty similar requirements to Pennsylvania (e.g. no training requirement). The other bill would allow carrying concealed without a license.

5 thoughts on “Two RTC Bills in Wisconsin”

  1. You can already open carry anything you want in WI without a permit or “special” training. Man, they better not screw this up….

    I like how a Rep. in the article brings up the required Hunter Safety Course before going hunting. Yeah… and? You don’t need to take that course to open carry, just hunt.

  2. I need to reread both bills but they need to merge them. If they get VT carry without a permit they will have reciprocity problems.

    Speaking as an Alaskan, AK et al Carry is the way to go in the real world if you want to cross state lines, even if “the Constitution is my permit”.

  3. Most gun owners don’t have any interest in open carry regardless of what open carry advocates suggest. Only a very small percentage will ever feel comfortable open carrying.That is why Wisc needs a good concealed carry law.

    Last I heard, open carriers were still being harassed by LEOs. Concealed carry will help put a stop to that.

  4. Carrying anything without a permit, even if legal in your state, makes you run the risk of entering a school zone and committing an idiotic federal felony.

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