How are Bloomberg’s PA Mayors Holding Up?

Most of tonight’s elections in Pennsylvania are municipal races, and many of the county governments don’t do any form of electronic reporting for their election results. Regardless, this is my attempt to keep up with those races where we can find information online. I’ll update this post regularly as we add more races.

Keep checking in for updates to this post.

Good News for Gun Owners

  • Aliquippa Bloomberg Buddy Anthony Battalini lost his primary handily 2-1 earlier this year. So, clearly he’s out today. Aliquippa residents should let mayor-elect Dwan Walker to support their rights.
  • Reading‘s Tom McMahon who welcomed Bloomberg’s bus tour is stepping down and did not run for re-election.

Bad News for Freedom & Liberty

  • Parker City‘s Bloomberg-backed mayor William McCall was unchallenged today. He is a Republican who is standing against our rights.
  • Whitehall‘s Edward Hozza managed to win both the GOP & Democratic ballot earlier this year, so he didn’t have any competition today.
  • In Wilkes Barre, Tom Leighton who takes pride in his anti-gun credentials won re-election tonight. On the upside, his anti-freedom efforts are limited to MAIG activities since his failed campaign for a seat in the state legislature a couple of years ago.
  • As mayor of Farrell, Ollie McKeithan, was unchallenged and will serve another term.
  • Results in Montour County aren’t actually available right now, but since Bloomberg supporter Ester Cotner won her primary unchallenged on both sides with a whopping 13 votes – total cast – she will win again tonight in Washingtonville.
  • Easton‘s mayor Sal Panto handily won re-election to continue advancing his anti-gun agenda.

We’re Not Sure

  • In Freeland Borough, MAIG still lists a mayor who died more than a year ago on their website. In fact, they’ve been signing his name to ads & letters as recently as last month. More on this in a minute. In regards to the election, his wife was running and took the lead with 50% of the precincts reporting.

2 thoughts on “How are Bloomberg’s PA Mayors Holding Up?”

  1. Outside PA, here in WA early returns show Spokanes Illegal Mayor Mary B. Verner is in trouble.

    In early returns tonight,Republican challanger Condon was leading Verner by a slim 3.5 percent point margin, 20,599 ballots to 18,784. The county Elections Office will run more ballots Wednesday.

    Note WA is 100% mail in balloting, so the actual results may not be known for WEEKS! :(

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