MAIG Mayors Rising

In Pennsylvania, we defeated one official MAIG mayor in his Democratic primary. And yes, guns were an issue. He took major hits and lost votes when NRA endorsed his opponent and highlighted his anti-gun group membership. (I know because I talked to some of those Democrats while working a gun show not too far from the district a couple of weeks ago.)

Unfortunately, we’ve still got at least one more on the ballot for November to defeat. And yesterday we learned that a Bloomberg fangirl of a mayor may end up leading the entire Democratic Party.

As we noted yesterday, Pennsylvania Democrats meet in Camp Hill tonight to kick off two days of meetings that will culminate in the election of a new chairperson — possibly York Mayor Kim Bracey — on Saturday morning.

York has produced a few vehemently anti-gun politicians, and Kim Bracey is apparently one of them since she joined forces with the Mayors Against Guns coalition.

The fact is that MAIG is a serious threat to gun rights. The microstamping law they were pushing in New York recently was so outrageous that it was a defacto ban on semi-automatic handguns. That’s in no way a mainstream viewpoint, and we need to get those politicians out of all offices.

It remains to be seen how she would wield her influence over any pro-gun Democrats who want to run for office. But if you’re a Pennsylvania Democrat, I’d be raising a bit of hell over this with your county party leaders.

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