Success Against the Mayors! (Sorta)

As we continue to study and find weakness with the Pennsylvania coalition of Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, I discovered that we’ve already reduced his numbers! Well, we can’t exactly claim credit for these since they happened during the primary election season, but that’s okay.

Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed was defeated in the Democratic primary election, though he may weigh a write-in campaign for the general. There is no indication that his replacement Linda Thompson will support the rights of sportsmen and gun owners, but at least one mayor is out of the coalition for now.

Weissport Mayor Tina Hagenbuch was defeated in the Democratic primary election by Jonathan Glenn Trout. Again, there’s no indication that he will respect the rights of Pennsylvania’s gun owners and hunters, but we remain more hopeful given the generally pro-gun region.

In addition, information available from election resources indicates two mayors have opted not to run for re-election. Mayor Fred C. Moyer Jr. of Freeburg doesn’t appear to be on the ballot following the primary election. In fact, it would seem that no candidates ran with the major parties in Freeburg, but there were 20 write-in votes on the GOP primary ballot and 3 write-in votes on the Democratic primary ballot. (Names were not available, so I don’t know if these are all for the same candidate or not.) Think about that – a mayor of a town based on 20 votes. Crazy!

Based on the records found online, it would also appear as though Pine Grove, PA’s Mayor Morris S. Williams opted not to run again. We don’t know what positions the other candidates hold, but here’s hoping they don’t join Bloomberg’s anti-gun crusade.

Look for more updates on this issue. Needless to say, the fact that I’ve done such detailed research should give a clue that my research was not simply for blog post purposes. We’re not going to allow Bloomberg to keep such a stranglehold on Pennsylvania politicians.

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  1. My Mayor who was on the list got voted out (unrelated), and I thought the Mayor next door was listed but I don’t see that city now. I’ll have to check and see if he got vote out too.

    Cincy is still there.

  2. There are three mayors here in Missouri. Kansas City, Creve Coeur and St. Louis. I’ve e-mailed the Creve Coeur mayor to verify his involvement in this. Francis Slay of St. Louis is a given. Slay is the longest serving mayor in St. Louis city ever. It’s time for him to go for a variety of reasons. This among them.

  3. MSJ, I am still a big fan of ousting mayors for other reasons if needed. IMO, gun owners need to embrace capitalizing on other political issues more than they do now. Even if most of a constituency supports gun rights, most of them won’t vote on it. But if you make anti-gun attitudes one of many things they don’t like, then they will be motivated to vote.

    Of course, I suspect most of the PA mayors would be willing to leave with just a bit of constituent pressure.

    Joe, I do believe that Greg Nickels was ousted for many of those “other” reasons. From what I’ve read, Seattle Democratic primary voters (most decidedly not a widespread pro-gun constituency) were pretty unhappy with the fact that his policies lead to a nearly two-week shutdown of the city right around Christmas. I remember reading articles that even emergency vehicles couldn’t get around because of the poor maintenance. But if it takes embracing that failure to get him out, I say go for it!

  4. Eh, in cases like that, it’s pretty obvious. :)

    But, I would rather show that it’s gun owners rather than because of guns. If we can show that gun owners being motivated by the issue of gun rights will mobilize them so they turn other coalitions against you, then we’re really unstoppable. Then it’s not just us, it’s anyone we want to bring in as a coalition.

  5. Buckeye firearms had on a mayor last sunday that quit the sham. they’ve probably got the podcast up online now, might be worth listening to if your mayor is an anti.

  6. Not to diminish the newsworthiness of Buckeye’s effort, but I do have to wonder just how many comments we are going to get. It seems like everyone feels the need to inform about this even though it’s been mentioned and linked in just about every Bloomberg post. Is it a new rule that every single mayor post needs to include a link to talk about one mayor in Ohio? If so, when will it end? When the next mayor leaves? And what about the mayor of Houston? Is he chopped liver since he also left in recent weeks?

    Obviously, this is in jest. But I am amazed that everyone seems to want to chime in on every post about Bloomberg when it’s already been covered about half a dozen times, especially when we still have about 100 mayors to target here in Pennsylvania which has been the focus of every post.

  7. Come on, it’s part of our new travel campaign. Come to Ohio, high taxes and one less mayor out for your guns.

    The other candidate was “Ohio. Not as “east coast” at PA”

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