Holder Refuses to Apologize to Terry Family

Over at Real Clear Politics, they have a transcript and video of Holder’s testimony in this regard:

It is not fair, however, to assume that the mistakes that happened in Fast & Furious directly led to the death of Agent Terry.

Fast and Furious guns were found at the murder scene of the agent. How is it possible that Holder believe the operation can escape blame for this? The only thing that makes logical sense is that Holder is fatalistic about being able to stop the cartels from getting their hands on firearms, a position gun control advocates are often quick to criticize when such positions are espoused by gun rights advocates.

Holder is trying to have his cake and eat it too. If keepings guns out of the hands of criminals is an effective policy to protect law enforcement, and if Fast and Furious deliberately allowed weapons to be put into the hands of criminals, then he should admit responsibility and apologize to the family for the operation. If it is not effective at disarming cartels, then the gun control laws and regulations Holder is demanding won’t have any effect on the violence, will they?

Ultimately, like trying to put out a raging house fire with a garden hose, I would agree with Holder if his position is that disarming the cartels is a fool’s errand. But in that same analogy, Holder wants us to believe that throwing a bucket of gasoline onto the flame doesn’t make him responsible when those fighting the fire end up burned. We might ultimately agree on the fool’s errand, but I think it’s lamentable to take actions that clearly can only make the situation worse, rather than better, then try to evade responsibility for those actions.

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4 thoughts on “Holder Refuses to Apologize to Terry Family”

  1. Mistakes? I’d say “Fast & Furious” worked just about as expected up until the part where those of us who were paying attention to exactly HOW those weapons wound up in the hands of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the Western Hemisphere

  2. As someone put it, “Fast & Furious worked, but the coverup just sucks.”

    And Holder probably figures an apology, even a hint in that direction, will be used against him in the lawsuit the family has talked about filing.

  3. The part about this whole Obama/Holder operation – Fast and Furious – being a sneaky underhanded method to gin up public support for new federal gun bans, which it totally was through and through, totally failed. We’re talking “epic fail” here actually. Thank God for that.

    Obama, Holder, Biden, and all the rest of them are nothing but just smug arrogant a-holes who all seem to think the rest of us are all really that stupid, opponents and supporters alike.

  4. We really, really need a special prosecutor on this. If Holder & the Obama team are voted out in 2012, there’s just no way a new Republican AG could go after this without it looking purely political, and being portrayed that way. Holder’s testimony today was more of the same half-truths, not technically lies but not forthcoming. He’s dirty, and he’s probably going to get away with it if one of the committee’s can’t catch him in an obvious perjury & then have the nerve to impeach. We’re talking about hundreds of murders at this point for chrissakes.

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