New Server, Really This Time

So the brown truck of happiness brought my new energy efficient, little server to power the blog from here on out.  We now have a cavernous 2GB of RAM to operate in, and the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor should handle web serving fine.  We’re running on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Server. Now I have just have to find something good to send to Glenn Reynolds so we can open this sucker up and see what she can do.

New Blog Server

Glock is provided for scale, though I think it makes it look bigger than it really is. It’s actually quite small, and hardly makes any noise. Not bad for $250 bucks.

6 thoughts on “New Server, Really This Time”

  1. Nice! A dedicated server. I would love to have one for my blog. That should keep Snowflakes up for a while :)

  2. I looked at that on Newegg. I wish it had at least one expansion slot for a TV tuner. Add a blu-ray drive and it would be a perfect DVR/HTPC/game console.

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