Food for Gunnies

For those of us who did not win the NRA toasters this year, we can’t enjoy pro-gun food at our fingertips. That is, unless, someone hadn’t inspired me to search for gun-related foods. Did you know there’s a gunpowder tea? Yeah, not a big tea drinker here, so it was news to me. More below, including a video on how to use a clam gun – another item I’ve never heard of before now.

The clam gun intrigued me. I had to look it up. Fortunately, there’s an example on YouTube to help those born in the landlocked states understand.

I heard that the NRA toaster at the Kona (Big Island of Hawaii) Friends of NRA dinner went for $650 this week. I told someone at NRA that the average rate of return on that thing has got to be huge, even if it doesn’t bring in the highest dollar amount. Clearly, there is a market for devices that can make one’s food express the maker’s pro-gun nature. I don’t know what else they could offer that would be just as novel, but I’d love to sit in on a meeting to try and think up new ideas. Something to add the NRA brand to pats of butter? The NRA loaf pan that makes sure all of your holiday bread treats have the NRA logo emblazoned on the side? The NRA bundt-like pan that allows you to bake cakes in the form of your three favorite letters?

5 thoughts on “Food for Gunnies”

  1. A Panini press that brands your yummy hot sandwich with the NRA logo.

  2. I’ve had gun powder tea. One might call it a social security program for elderly women. Essentially each leaf is hand rolled into a small green tea BB. Mostly by elderly women.

    The flower tea is even cooler but no gun reference.

  3. I’d like to see cupcake pan that would make the bottom of cupcakes look like at a case head of my favorite calibers.

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