7 thoughts on “Chicks With Guns”

  1. So it’s true, once people can’t have it, don’t see it and never used it.. it’s to be seen in a museum or gallery, placed on the wall..
    shows the sad state of affairs in NY… some female visitor should ask if they can bring their own..

  2. I’ve been to the Berreta store in NYC… it was cool to see it… but all they had on display were overly expensive shotguns going for $130,000…

    I mean… they’re nice shotguns… but… why???? (prolly for the dumb rich new yorkers who want a fancy gun they never us in their gun case)

  3. I’ve been to the nyc store. in addition to the high-end guns, they had their silver pigeon line. I didn’t buy there. but own one now.

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