4 thoughts on “Update on Korean M1 Situation”

  1. Call me Burt Gummer for thinking that way if you like, but I suspect those rifles will be destroyed. I might be wrong, but If I recall correctly a boatload of weapons that could have been sold as surplus to civilians were destroyed during the Clinton administration. I would expect no less of the current administration.

  2. Destroyed? At a cost? That would look mighty stupid for an administration clamoring for more revenue.

  3. That would look mighty stupid for an administration…

    …that hasn’t yet let “looking stupid” scare it off of anything. ;)

  4. I’ve been following this peripherally; I suspect Korea will sit on any that are in good shape till they can find some that *are* saleable, and then muddy the waters.

    Honestly, I read the Korea Times article, and I wonder if the “anonymous korean official” quoted was tryign to get a stink raised so they *could* sell them back, instead of properly returning them for free. There has apparently been something of a history of Korea playing silly buggers and shell games with the old guns.

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