So They’ve Noticed 3D Printing and CAM

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is missing on the point on the proliferation of 3D printing and Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment like CNC milling machines. It’s becoming ubiquitous technology. Mr. Completely, who lives on an island in the Puget Sound, managed to find himself a large and capable specimen. My friend Jason’s CNC mill is desktop sized, as is his 3D printer. Ladd’s ridiculous notion that those of us interested in these machines are “traitors to our government” aside, the inescapable conclusion has to be that if these technologies are available to us, they’re equally available to criminals. The point is, a world where guns can be rolled out on CNC machines and 3D printers that fit on a workbench is a world you will not be able to effectively ban guns. Pretty clearly that possibility is not one Ladd Everett wants to face, being a true believer and all, but it’s the truth. Gun control is increasingly being rendered an obsolete and outmoded concept by technological progress.

5 Responses to “So They’ve Noticed 3D Printing and CAM”

  1. Kent says:

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble CSGV, but I have worked on CNC milling machines for years now. Once I even worked at an evil gun plant here in Arizona (on Ruger road in Prescott, to be exact. Now, I work for a government Subcontractor (Yes, our government) in which I make parts that keep our boys and girls both flying and making things (like our enemies) go BOOM!!! And you know what? Both of these business have been in business for over 50 years!

    People of CSGV, MAGV, and other anti-freedom loving groups, please leave us liberty loving, god fearing, family men and women alone. You have been proven wrong so many times. Go back into your holes and stop trying to destroy or freedoms. TY.

  2. Zermoid says:

    Anyone with a Smithy machine and some time to read a few books could have done the same thing years ago.

    It all comes down to the desire of some people to control other people, a lust for power, or a lust for money. Or a combination thereof.

  3. Stranger says:

    There are many non firearms uses for a CNC mill. Making replacement parts for antique machinery for one. And given the ease with which a simple but accurate CNC mill can be built, trying to shut down private possession is a fools game.

    I suspect that it will not be long until a website appears with files for most common gun parts. 1911 frames, for example. At that point, gun control will really be pointless.

    Of course, fools game or not, our opponents are not the sharpest knives in the rack.


  4. grego says:

    Won’t be long, heck, those files for 1911 parts, AR-15 parts (lowers, uppers, bolts, bolt carriers, trigger assemblies, the hwole lot), and a whole host of other arms have been out and available for years now. just search for firearm files, homegunsmith, cnc gunsmithing, etc.

  5. Sigivald says:

    The other thing is – if you’re detail-oriented and have time, you don’t need CNC.

    Any milling machine will work. CNC’s a boatload easier, but not necessary.

    (A reasonably motivated person could probably make a working modern-ish firearm with this $500 machine, and a little bit more for cutting tools.

    And that’s about the crappiest mill you can get, new.

    Likewise, of course, all it takes is sheet metal and shears to make magazine bodies…)