How They Think of You

More on TSA. I wonder what TSA agents would do if you handed out flyers in front of a security checkpoint informing the flying public on exactly what the body scanning machines do? I’ll bet there’s some federal law they’d try to nail you with. It’s sad, but I believe the majority of the flying public has no idea what the body scanner machines actually do.

3 Responses to “How They Think of You”

  1. I’ve reach the personal conclusion that I want planes to fall from the sky. Well, no, I don’t….but I’d rather have that than TSA. And here is why…

    I’ve seen some crappy TSA agents. When I am asking a simple question like (is this scanner safe for such and such $2,000 equipment). And you can’t answer cause you’re BS’ing on a personal phone call about what to do after work. But then you throw me an attitude.

    Oh, and I could have just smuggled contraband right under your nose.

    TSA has proven time and time again their incompetance. “Excuse me sir, that old man looks rather odd don’t you think?”

    “Move along ma’am or I’m going to have to call security.”

    WTF…that old man was a 20 yr old asian man….thankfully the face mask wasn’t a bomb.

    The abuse that the TSA puts people who don’t cow-tow to their authority is horrendous. Rather than feeling as if they are doing a public service, it’s a bunch of mall cops on egotistical steroids.

    So am I bothered by the fact that I have to take off my shoes. Hell yes…because it shows me how INCOMPETENT the TSA is. And that their reasoning and logic is completely failed.

    Each time there is an attempt that gets passed them. They ban that type of object. We will eventually be packed in tubes butt naked and shipped through the air like lab vials IN ORDER TO BE SAFE.

    Lastly, sorry, to all those who have cow-towed to flying being a privilege and not a right…

    ARE YOU DAFT!!!!!!!

    God gave me two legs. The intent was to travel upon those. America is (or was) a free nation. While I believe in private property and an individual’s right to exclude people from private property (within reason). The fundamental right to walk and move is just that, a natural right. Even truer than my RTKBA.

    Man learned how to fly, yes we need mechanical aids, but we fly. To say flying is a privilege is foolishness. If we really believe that then we should start screening every bird before they leap into the air from our yard.

    No one owns the air. Just as no one owns the seas. There may be some jurisdiction and management granted to governments. But it is no privilege to fly…it is a natural right.

    Now what is a privilege is to fly on a commercial airliner, or rather a jet owned by another entity thus we must adhere to that private owner’s rules. Hence, I grudingly go through the TSA lines.

    But be it my own wings, I see it as my right to fly, and no privilege. Some people claim owning a car is a privilege not a right. Au contraire, if I build or buy with my own hard earned cash, a car – than I have every right to drive it.

    Now some question might come about on is it a priivilege to drive on public roads. I say no, we are taxed, therefore it is a right. Unless by your actions (drinking and driving) you forfeit that right.

  2. dustydog says:

    If anyone tried to keep count – are women groped more than men, hot girls more than fatties, are Muslim men given a pass – I’m sure that would be arrestable. One shudders to imagine trying to video tape.

    But without evidence, any accusations are ancedotal.

    I wish my job came with built-in protection against accountability.

  3. It’s sad, but I believe the majority of the flying public has no idea what the body scanner machines actually do.

    I think it would be instructive to have a monitor at the scanner, so that the subject can see what the TSA agent in the other room sees.

    Might change more than a couple of minds.